FIDE’s patent-pending IP is the foundation for technology that redefines couponing by creating a two-way merchandising dialogue. Consumers are encouraged to purchase more often through the ease and instant gratification of the app. Retailers and Brand-owners receive vital consumer data that allows them to implement more targeted and effective multi-tiered, multi-channel, multi-country, multi-payment (even cash) loyalty and rewards programs...



FIDE is an active GS1 member and among the first to capitalize on this major industry shift.

GS1 sets the standards for the barcodes used by retailers, brand-owners, manufacturers and suppliers. Recent updates to these standards dictate organizations must switch to the GSI DataBar™ by January 2016.

This new barcode technology allows FMCGs and Brand-owners to better track the effectiveness of sales and promotions.

The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) is an internet-based network of data pools linked with a global registry known as the GS1 Global Registry. GDSN enables companies to exchange standardized supply chain data with their trading partners around the world using a standardized Global Product Classification.

FIDE’s BOGOEX data exchange exceeds GDSN compliance standards to deliver unmatched GDSN data pool features and functionality for today’s merchandising.

FIDE understands and embraces the paramount importance of industry standards with respect to financial and payment services.

MasterCard’s Loyalty middleware enables mobile applications to offer a seamless connection between payment, promotions and loyalty redemption. It allows consumers to select their loyalty card; choose the coupons/promotions they wish to redeem; and pay with a single or double tap at a contactless terminal.

Standards lie at the heart of merchandising. They enable trading, data interchange, incentives, financing, feedback and other core functions that increase activity among all value-chain members: brand-owners, retailers, consumers, etc.

FIDE is an active member of the key bodies that regulate global merchandising standards. The company knows the challenges and is a first mover bringing new technology to enable retailers to capitalize on sweeping market changes and new initiatives.

Business is easier and more profitable when you and your customers, suppliers and partners all speak the same language. Industry standards powered by FIDE make it happen...


Current Market Pain Points

Brand Owners

  • Lack of direct consumer relationship leads to a poor understanding of consumer needs and behaviors
  • Inability of vehicles to effectively reach out to consumers
  • Manual coupon redemption leads to high costs, coupon fraud and long delays


  • Lack of insight into consumer needs and purchasing habits
  • Challenge to keep consistency and relevancy when implementing omnichannel initiatives
  • Lack of personalization leads to generic marketing efforts
  • Manual coupon redemption leads to high costs, coupon fraud and long delays


  • Difficult and time consuming to search out the best deals and clip coupons
  • Inferior shopping experience and difficultly maximizing savings
  • Experience does not feel personal/individual
  • Cumbersome manual process that lacks return on time and effort investment

FIDE'S Value Added

Brand Owners

  • FIDE’s big data and groundbreaking analytics provide actionable consumer insight to create personalized marketing and loyalty programs
  • Targeted campaigns reach consumers at MUCH lower costs
  • Generate and manage multi-tear promotional incentives
  • Track and measure results in real time
  • Direct access to customer feedback
  • Digital couponing delivers significant saving and faster turnaround, while eliminating fraud
    • Lower distribution costs
    • Greater Sales/ROI
    • Improved customer and market insight
    • Easier and more effective rewards management


  • FIDE’s big data and groundbreaking analytics provide actionable consumer insight to create personalized marketing and loyalty programs
  • Increase foot traffic
  • Consistent omni-channel end-to-end gratitude-based incentive and loyalty programs
  • FREE digital couponing delivers significant savings and faster turnaround, while eliminating fraud
  • Direct access to customer feedback
  • Seamless integration via POS (Point of sale) with zero technology build-out
    • Lower distribution cost
    • Faster turnover
    • Greater ROI
    • Improved customer service


  • Consumers benefit with unmatched ease along with significant savings for redeeming coupons and leaving feedback
  • One FREE app automatically delivers all desired coupons and links to rewards program
  • Personalized promos and recommendations
  • Convenient payment and multi-currency options
  • Instant access to cash / points rewards
  • Unmatched simplicity – FIDE (via Fidelio) does it for me!



Current Market Dynamics

Generated Coupons
Face Value
Redeemed Quantity
Cost to Brands

Through our patent-pending Merchandising Resource Management (MRM) platform FIDE enables a standards-based, real-time “network of networks” that allows consumers to shop loyalty benefits across multiple companies and select programs and rewards that suit their individual needs.

Concurrently, FIDE enables manufacturers, brand owners and retailers to collect and share relevant merchandising information, consumer feedback, purchasing data and other relevant information used to improve customer satisfaction, and increase brand loyalty...




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